The Revolution Of Comedy In Ghana.

The revolution of comedy in Ghana

Recently The Entertainment Industry Have Experienced A Wave Amidst The Pandemic At Large.

Moreover, We Have Had Previous And Current Governments Come And Go But None Had Paid Much Attention  To The Comedy Sector Forgetting That It Is A Part Of The Creative Arts Industry And Has Generated Foreign Exchange In One Way Or The Other For The Nation. 
Ghana Is One Of The Few Countries  That  Has Got Talented Comedians As Well As Comediennes. Due To The Lack Of Investments And Funds The Comedy Industry  Is Moving At A Snail's Pace Which Should Not Be So .
Schemes upon Schemes And Policies Have Been Set Up To Help Raise The Entertainment  Sector But It Seems It Does Not Get To The Comedy Industry.
A Qatar Based Ghanaian Comedian By Name Efobanks Has Expressed His Zeal And Passion  To Lifting The Comedy Industry Back To It's Feet As It Were Before And Even Better.
He also call for Unity among the individual comedians in the industry both the old guys and the upcomings 
He spoke about hypocrisy and back biting in the industry.

Let Us Wait And Watch Efobanks As He "Lifts" The Comedy Industry Back To It's Feet.


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