Happy Belated Birthday - (Francisca Kordie).

With every passing year, you will learn and explore many new things. The journey of life will never fail to shock and amaze you, so it is only these young years that will prepare and shape you for the years to come. I wish you faith, courage and focus in life. Wishing you a very happy birthday. God Bless you.

You bring laughter and joy everyday into our lives with hardly any effort. Thank you so much for always being there for us .

You are so lucky as you are surrounded by so many people you love in life .
So have fun on this special day of yours.

As you thank them all.
Its your birthday so spread the cheer...

Happy birthday!!!
Happy birthday wishes from King of Kings "Exigee Gh" X "Jnr Shatta" X "Rapgees GH" X  "Auntie Bee" X "Crayon (Prince) I guess.... 😂I think that his name ".

We all Wish you a big happy happy birthday.... !!!!!!!


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